Muay Ties: 2014 Fight of the Year

Muay Ties, the leading Muay Thai video channel, is handing out awards for the first time this year.
The 'Fight of the Year' award is currently closely contested. Whilst the view count of the videos is important, giving these videos a 'thumbs up' on YouTube is also a big part of the process.
You can make a stand by voting on which of these three wars was the best!
The awards will be presented to the fighters themselves in Bangkok, so your vote could go a long way to showing these often unappreciated and modest warriors how much entertainment they have provided us with.

via Bloody Elbow

Lion Fight 17

Lion Fight 17

Hungry for Vengeance

A series of storms rolled up the East Coast from the Bahamas up through New England.  Harsh winds and strong rain softened up the surfaces for a big blow from hail much like a series of jabs can set up a strong power punch.  The harsh weather outside reflected what was going on inside the Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut.  Lion Fight 17 had brought a thunderstorm of Muay Thai action that few who saw it will forget.

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